Annuals and perennials plants

Multiplication of Perovskia

Arranged under a greenhouse, our workshop allows us to multiply Annuals and perennials plants

Gaura,  Verbena,   Arum, Agapanthe,  Alstroemeria, Petunia , Pelargonium, .... 

But also cacti, succulent plants and aromatic plants.

Rosebushe in jar

white rosebushes

Every year, between October and February, we produce more than 3000 rosebushes :

  • perfumed rosebush
  • bush rosebush
  • climbing rosebush
  • former rosebush



Also discover our selection of plants adapted to the Mediterranean climate :

Perovskia, Pittosporum, Hortensia, Lavande, HibiscusDipladenia,  Camelia, ...